The success of designer Marilyn Lazarus lies in her remarkable ability to bring into concert the needs of the client, the integrity of the design and an intelligent use of art and antiques.
Marilyn launched her career more than 25 years ago, designing developers’ model homes. Clients were so impressed that she soon expanded into the private sector. Today, she is a renowned solo designer with a continual thirst for knowledge that keeps a creative edge between tradition and ingenuity.
Never one to remain static in her life or design, she has studied technique and style by continuously reaching out to artisans and crafts people here and abroad that share her vision of symbiotic relationships amongst client, designer and the desired goal.
Extensive travel augments Marilyn’s work as well as the privileged opportunities she has to visit architecturally important cities in Europe and the United States with such renowned educators as the late Professor Manuel Leon Ponce.

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She listens carefully to what her clients need from their environment for function, restorative space, and design fantasies, and the archetypes that inspire and bring life to their homes. Marilyn believes “translating those desires into functional yet aesthetic reality is the true art of the profession. The key to each element of design are the details and are of the utmost of importance”. Marilyn is well aware that it takes courage to incorporate atypical elements into design projects. To appear spontaneous but never frivolous and to be the most serious person on-site is quite a balancing act. Each project is a labor of love. “I am blessed with the best possible clients a person could have. They make what I do fulfilling and exciting, and enable me to push myself to the limit for each of them.”